Cool apps for cool users

Here at objitsu.com we have set ourselves the goal of not being just another producer of mundane mobile media but purveyors of proper programs for passionate people with problems to solve.

We hereby solemnly promise never to:

  • release a rubbish soundboard app full of stolen sounds.
  • put advertising from "them" or anybody else in any app we write. Ever.
  • Sell on or otherwise besmirch your contact details in any way.


With that in mind, we are proud to release our first application, EXTRAMON. Put simply, it allows you to turn your Android or iOS (coming soon) device it to a remote controllable extra HTML5 display surface.

We have no idea if it's going to be useful but in-house we use it all the time for all sorts of things:

  • jenkins output from a release build
  • unit test output from test-runners
  • watching episodes of The X-Files